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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Do ya ever...

... wanna sit in front of the TV doing nothing all weekend but then get called in for an overtime shift? I do, but I worked. Now I can pay rent.

... think that maybe when you see blue, you're actually seeing what someone else sees as red? Maybe you just use a different word to describe the same colour. Maybe men actually do see the opposite as women!!! (but i guess then we'd see green, or like, they'd see orange... I don't know...)

... wonder if maybe Walt Disney actually is cryogenically frozen and stored in a secret chamber underneath The Pirates of the Caribbean ride? Wikipedia tells me it's an urban legend... but I say it's a conspiracy that it's an urban legend... like, reverse psychology stuff, you know? They create the myth of the frozen body of Walt, and then everyone thinks its a myth, but then it actually is true, but because we all think it's a myth, none of us are going to don scuba gear and abandon ship at the bottom of Davey Jones' domain to check it out!!! (plus, we probably spent three weeks wages just to get on the one ride)...

... wonder why people tailgate or drive 140 km/h on the trans-canada, even when it's snowing? I have a theory about the instant-culture we have inadvertently created via the internet. Yup, the internet is responsible for the reckless tossing away of reason when we are on the highway. We don't have time to wait, we want it now!!! I want my fries hot, and fresh, but I want them 28 seconds after I order!!! I want to download the latest music or software instantaneously, not sit staring at a little bar waiting for the little green squares to fill it all the way up!!! I want to get to Vancouver in 20 minutes flat, and I can't see the car in front of the car in front of me, I just know that if I tail-gate I'll be able to get there faster!!!

... wonder why it can be minus 15 in Abbotsford but plus 5 in Vancouver? Dan Bryce would tell you it's 'cause vancouver is an urban heat island, and he'd claim the evils of anthropogenic thermal distortions in the city have upset the one time equilibrium of the planet's biosphere. I say nay, the biosphere is in a constant tension leading the smallest fluctuation to hurtle it into a state of chaos, and that regardless of what any fancy-pants french-enlightenment-modern scientist may say, the world has on any given level been constantly in a state of chaos since its creation. Any uniformity present can only be the consistency of chaos. This is why I am not necessarily opposed to the city's effect on the globe. In the realm of geography, specifically as it relates to the creation of the world, I am a catastrophic uniformitarianist. Uniformly consistent catastrophic events were what shaped the planet (by the Hand of God, of course). Chaos. God loves it.

... wonder why I wrote all that stuff? ... me too...



At 2:18 PM, Blogger Kevin & Christa said...

So I had given up on your blog and hadn't checked it in months, but am currently listening to my boy bang on his crib and squeal a high pitch noise instead of napping. I am bored and don't want to clean the bathroom or get my Hep A shot, which I have to get this afternoon. This is all to say that I am thankful you wrote something, as it's filling up my time.

Miss you...see you in like 2 weeks or something! Awesome!!

Deine Schwester

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Kyle said...

Hola, Meine Schwster,
Yes, see you in a week. Also, glad I could waste some of your time for you. That's about all this blog is good for, 's'far as I can reckon it.


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