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Monday, November 20, 2006

I got sucker-punched

Derek Furtney owes me a new arm.
Just joking, he doesn't owe me too much... but still...
Here's how it went down:
Apparently Landon was describing to derek-the-one-dimensional-being how to punch with force, after church yesterday. I am supposing that up until this day derek probably couldn't have even hurt a kitten with his punch. It's not that he's not strong... well... yes it is, but he's got good reach, and Landon is a guru.
So Derek wanted to try this out straight away, and he saw me cleaning up after the meeting in the church and decided to try out his new technique on me.
I am giving him the benefit of the doubt in saying that he was aiming to hit me square on the shoulder, which would have been a solid thud, and though I may have felt it for a few minutes no serious damage would have been done. However, while Derek's technique may have been enlightened by the Landon Sessions, his aim did not and he made contact with my arm right in the front on the litttle spot between your bicep and your deltoid.
I proceeded to kick him two times squarely in the seat of the pants. For this he was sorry.
Anyways, I have named my new-found arm-bump. It is my Unicep, and it has been reminding me all day at work that I should never underestimate the power of a weakling. Even Derek.


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly, I am not that weak, my muscles are just extremely long because of my length. Secondly, yes, yes I do have bad aim, I am used to hitting Craig's arms which are about three to five times as big as yours (not muscle either). Thirdly, I am not that weak, and I take offense to that thought. Fourthly, you had your girl friend's roommate take revenge on me!


I named my salty beer after you.

Love Derek


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