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Monday, January 29, 2007

Chicken Night at the Girls' House

For those of you who care to see this, I present it.
Derek Furtney stars in, "Pinch the Thighs: The Shake and Bake Saga".


An Addendum

I drove my moped home from my parents' house this afternoon.
I am officially 'wheeled' again.
No longer the pedestrian.
No, now I'm a mopedestrian.
Riding to the mopedestination.
Yoong is the man.


You guys won't even believe how excited I am. No, I'm serious.
I had kind of mentioned back in the day that I was thinking of fixing my moped near the end of January and perhaps insuring it as well. I was only going to insure it after it was fixed though, so I didn't really expect it to be insured for a few more weeks.
I went over to my parents house yesterday afternoon to see if I could start sorting out the problem, and I totally fixed it. Just like that. I totally didn't think it would be that easy, but it was. Basically, as best as my non-trained-mechanic mind can figure, the carburetor was leaking gas, so not enough was getting to the cylinder to keep the little guy running. So... tighten a bolt or two, and we're up an on our way... I put the most expensive gas I could find in it (mostly cause at $3 a tank, I can do what I want), kick started for about 10 minutes, and let it run for quite a while (once I actually got it going). Then I whipped up and down the street a million times to 'test' it, all the while enjoying myself very much, and then went back and cleaned all the dust and grime off the little guy.
So this brings me to today.
I have my old insurance information in my bag, and after class I'm gonna bus over to the insurance place, then to my parents and drive Yoong home.
That is the end of my story.
Oh, and Jess, don't believe anything they tell you... I never said anything bad about Albertans last night... Uhm, I gotta go to school now.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm even getting flak from my own sister.
Apparently I have a heap of loyal readers, some of whom check this blog every day, and I never update.
In the words of my sister "It's been disappointing lately..."
Sorry guys.
I would fill you in on my boring day, but I need to go eat and then continue reading so I can write a paper or something.
Oh! Today Andrea and I (notice my A+ grammar) went on a restaurant adventure. We found one of those small 'hole-in-the-wall' Asian eateries and walked in for our lunch. It was great. We have now vowed to try that more often. Andrea said, "We'll have to try every small independent restaurant in Abby,"... and my retort, "all three?"
This is a town of box stores and franchises... but there's some pretty good family run businesses out there that would be good to you if you'd just go there instead of wal-mart or earls.
That's my two bits...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

OK, I seriously need to admit that I'm not a blogger.

I don't blog.
That's right, I just don't.
Go ahead and look at the date of my last post. Go for it... I dare you.
November 20th, 2006.
Uhm, it's not just blogging though... I don't do any sort of journaling or diarizing or any other sort of narrarative of my life, either the inside or the outside.
So, I'll fill you in as best as I can for the last little bit.
I'm a CBC student now again.
I'm taking intercultural studies... a fancy-pants word for missions.
I'm still dating Andrea and things there are great.
I'm still at Vintage 242 Church, and things there are great. We're trying to purchase the old post office in downtown abbotsford, but it's gonna be a miracle if we get it, and then heaps of hard work and pain after we do. I'm excited.
I dreamt last night about fixing my moped, and I think I might do that next weekend. The weather is getting nice.
Derek Furtney is the snow-locust.
I am now officially a snow-boarder. I got given a board and I went and bought bindings and boots and have been boarding twice. I'm good. I'm hurt right now, but I'm mostly good still... relativity my friends, it's all relative.
I did a jump and landed on my butt. It hurts to sit in class.
I also fell off the chair lift and entered into a strange and somewhat anomolous roll, where I was rolling over on my side so slow... then my back... then my board stopped rolling cause it got wedged in the snow. I thought I was ok, but since I wasn't strapped in right (this whole fiaso took place on the dismount from the chairlift), I only had one foot in the bindings and when the board stopped I tried to stop my body too, but in a moment of pure Newtonian imbecility I watched as my body continued it's lethargic roll and I proceeded to make another 3/4 rotation with uniform motion over the temporal period of no less than 30 seconds. How is it that I didn't stop? I don't know. I just didn't. Then I realized that only 3/4 of me was making this 3/4 rotation, and the remaining 1/4 was strapped into the board. All this culminated with my vociferation of the words; "My knee is ouchey!!"
Uhm, now you know the whole story. No flips, just rolls and ouchies.