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Monday, July 31, 2006

how did that happen?

... and 27 years later I realize that having a GF really does make the world spin faster. Who knew? Hmmm...

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Last night I got invited to go to Kelowna for the day and the night and the morning. So I'll be leaving shortly for a random spontaneous road trip, and I will return tomorrow before church. I'm a little bit excited. Uhm, also, I'm realy tired, cause this was pretty much the worst week of work yet. It just keeps getting more insane. Oh well, lots of OT pay.
okok, so now I am gonna go.
For real.
To Kelowna.
I'll take some pics.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Live Basil

Yeah, live basil. It's great.
I like stir fry, as all'y'all prolly realize. But the little dudes (fresh basil leaves) come in packages that are too big if I just want a touch of flavour. I can't use the dried stuff too much any more, cause putting fresh basil into my fry is just amazing. So last night I had Joel and Dan over for some eats, and joel and I went out to buy some veggies.
We bought veggies.
Then I saw it.
Live basil. A basil plant in a little pot.
It now resides on my window sill, watered and soaking up the sun. It's missing a few leaves after last nights meal, but I'm hoping they'll grow back soon. Yeah. Fresh live basil.
My life has been changed.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Today it rains.
I am still missing a part for my moped... a very important one. I can't drive without it, and it's been missing for the last 3 weeks. So, I've been out of luck, basically. It's just a good thing that my Dad is so rad, that he lets me borrow his truck whenever I need it. That's a good Dad, that's awesome.
So I"ve been wasting way too much money on gas (I still have to pay him, since I was too broke to fill up last time), and driving as little as possible and basically missing the ability to rip around on Yoong.
We've just come off 3 weeks of beautiful weather, and I would have loved to spend a (literal) few bucks driving around in the sun on evenings and weekends. Even driving to and from work would be great. But alas, my foreman has been giving me rides, so I guess I'll pay for his meal this Friday when the boys go out to eat.
Hopefully it will be nice this weekend though.
Wait, hopefully I will have my part by the weekend so that I can get the 'ped back on the road and rip around gleefully.
Oh yeah, new news is that I got me a ticket to the Sufjan Stevens show. Awesome that will be, doubtless it is. I'm proper excited, even though it's like 3 months away. Oh well... I'm ready. I'm listening to Sufjan right now. Good.
And I guess I will leave it at that. I have nothing deep or profound to say, just "keep on rockin'"

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Swiss Rap

You wanted to hear it, now you can.
Reto raps a Swiss children's song while we were in Thailand.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Walking Home.

Life is brilliance.
As I walk home, I see a reflective magical green hue. It is somehow painted with an orange hue as the sun descends behind and to the right. I don't understand how green can be orange, but it's there. It is. Brilliance.
On the gravel between passing cars and flowing waters, I breathe in freshness. A small rabbit hops by, hiding from me in the tall grass down by the water. Eagles float above, and the word graceful can't convey their majesty. They seem static. This might be a painting. Brilliance.
This is a painting. I am inside it, walking around. There's no other way for orange to be where green is. The ambiant sound of cars of the freeway becomes like the ambiance of waves on the beach. The setting sun reflects of each passing vehicle in the same way it does on the waves. Brilliance.
Down the slope I traverse, towards the sea of green prairie ahead. The odd barn or farmhouse float there, like fishing boats anchored just offshore. My journey is both peaceful and enlightening. It is spiritual. Brilliance.
I think I am a bristle. I am a single hair on God's paint-brush. As I learn and grow he is dipping me in the paint. Then he moves the brush. Behind me I leave a small trail of incredible colours. I've heard tell that in heaven there will be new colors; brilliant new hues and shades and textures. I think God paints with those colors every day. I think that as I pass through the day, as I walk around I give off colors and as those colors mix with others, amazing scenerey appears on the canvas. Brilliance.
I can't quite explain it to you, and the more I try the more I will fail. All I can say is that you should find time to go for a walk. You don't need to go find 'nature', all you need is a road. Then just think about how even you walking down the road has applied paint to the canvas, and has helped beautify the painting. Do this, and then write me a comment and let me know what you see, feel, or smell.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Bitter Aftertaste

Weekends of fun such as I had rarely come without their bitter aftertaste.
Firstly though, I forgot to mention a few highlights of the weekend, since my last post focussed primarily on the pool party. Here's a few to add to the list.
- The Asian night market
- Seeing Joel's face with a mischievious little grin as his hand reached out from the crowd...
- Goulet
- Riding a pocket bike around the churches parking lot... and then off down the street
- and of course, swimming.

Anyways, on to the aftertaste. Waking up this morning at 5:00am to go to work. I can tell you that I was somewhat unable to deal with the morning at that time. I spent long drawn-out periods of time standing in the kitchen, trying to think of what I was doing. "Ok, I have a bowl and some cereal... now what did I stand up for? Oh yeah... A spoon..." Then after eating I put the cereal box away in the fridge. Yup, it was tremendous.
The taste was dulled a bit by the fact that my foreman, who was supposed to pick me up failed to do so, and at 6:00am when the rest of the Braber shipping crew started work, I went back to bed for another hour of sleep. Awesome. But then 7:00am just hurt more... so I guess it wasn't dulled so much. I finally managed to find a way to work (Thanks mom!) and I began the day.
Humerus. Heavy arms. At one point I was actually considering opening the box to see if they had packed it wrong. I was sure that the 4hp pressure washer box actually contained a 6.5hp washer. I couldn't lift my arms very exuberantly. Well, through a mixture of patience and sections of time being lost to my memory, I managed to pass through the day and finish my shift.
Hence the day of the aftertaste ends. However, the taste will still linger for quite some time. It's true, there's only one absolutely immediate cure for a bitter aftertaste... take another sip of the drink.
And so, I plan on having another really fun weekend sometime soon in order to rid myself of the bitter drear that has accompanied my "back to work"-edness. I think it will work too, since then I'll have something to look forward to, and the days may pass quicker. Don't you think?
Ok... Uhm, I need to go get some sleep.
Take care.

Monday, July 03, 2006

It might just come out on top

I have likely had what will be the funnest weekend of the summer. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm gonna try to outdo it, but even if I can't, I'm satisfied with this weekend should it come out on top.
Here's some of the highlights:
- Swimming until midnight
- Campfires shooting out flames in all directions
- Going to bed in the tent at 3am-ish
- Going for a walk at 4am
- Almost going swimming at 4am but then realizing my towel was still soaking wet from midnightand that it's a bit cold for such nonsense
- Swimming at 7am (it warmed up a bit)
- Not going to work on Monday
- Laughing
- Swimming at 9-12
- Waffle making competitions
- Sinking golf balls
- Getting attacked by a dog
- Listening to way too much good music
- More swimming
- etc.
Well, uhm, it's over, and I'm at home and exhasted. I'll make a sandwich for tomorrows lunch and go to sleep.