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Friday, April 22, 2005

worst GPA ever...

... but I passed, so it's over. 2 more classes. sweet. almost done.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bike Ride!!!!

Firstly, an addendum. My time in the Sun Run was 50:01.. I placed 3677 overall...
LAME!!! but I guess out of 50,000 people, that's not too bad. However, if I had run only 5 minutes faster, I would have placed 1500ish. That's my goal for next year. Top 1500. meh, perhaps I won't even run it next year.
Secondly, another addendum. My exam went terrible yesterday. I'm pretty sure I passed the class, but it wasn't a good exam. However, it is an OVER exam, and that means it is officially summer. I got my next week off of sears, so that means that I could have been starting my new job today, but I decided to give myself to the end of the week to relax and tidy up all the loose ends that I had been putting off unitl after school ends first. You know... stuff like paying phone bills, cleaning the house, buying groceries, etc. These will be a few busy days I guess. I'll do as much now as I can though.
Finally, yes, I tested it out today. I rode my bike from my house to my new job, just to see how long it would take if Manny bit the dust and I couldn't drive. 41 minutes, and alot of pain. I won't be biking, so Manny better keep his engine running... And now I'm at my parents house, using their computer, and probably eating there food in a minute too. Then off to start finishing everything I needed to finish before work starts. Uhm, so I guess I'll go now.

Monday, April 18, 2005

The title of the post goes here?

Tomorrow is my last exam of the semester. Then perhaps I'll be starting my new job shortly thereafter, or perhaps I'll be starting it in a few weeks. Mostly it all depends on Sears, and when they tell me if they can change my next-next weeks schedule so as to make room for my new job during the week. Hopefully they can cause then I can start working as soon as the day after tomorrow.
Also, hopefully they can't cause then I'll have a week off to relax before a summer of maddness. Either way, I win.
Half full, my friends. The glass is half full.
I did the Vancouver Sun Run yesterday. What fun. Kinda. I mean there was just way too many people running it for me to have a ton of fun, cause the whole first half of the race, and parts of the rest were stop and go, dodging in between people trying to pass all the obnoxious walkers who were walking 4-5 abrest. nogood.
I think I did it in a decent time though. I'll find out tomorrow what my time was. I sure felt like throwing up after the race though. Was an odd feeling. Didn't like that part so much. Also didn't like the part where I had to stand up out of bed today. Ouch.
Me leggies hurts.
But over all, there's a sense of satisfaction that comes with running 10 km without stopping or puking, and as soon as I get that sense, I'll let you know.
Probably tomorrow morning when I see my time... I hope.
Ok, so anyways, I'm taking a study break to go try out the new Thai restaurant in town. Everyone's talking about it, and "oh yeah, it's so authentic", and "oh yeah, the people are real Thai people", and "oh yeah, my friend went there and liked the food, and she went on a two week missions trip to Thailand so she knows everything..." hahaha, it makes me giggle. However, I can't laugh too hard. Everyone knows I'm in love with Thailand as well, and even though I was there for longer than two weeks (4 months), I don't know much about it either... but it's funny to hear people talk like that as long as you keep in mind that to people who have been there longer than you, you're doing the same thing.
So, enough talk, off to kin ahan thai now.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

J to Intz... pt. II

Just got a job yesterday. Yup, the interview went pretty good. Apparently, I’m “exactly the type of person [they]’re looking for.” I almost didn’t trust her in some respects, cause she was one of these successful-late-twenties-business-ladies types, a little corporate sales-ish, but the company hired me for a full time position till the end of summer. Now today I need to go talk to Sears and see if they’ll let me stay on there like one day a week or something. That would be prime, cause then I’d have a p/t job lined up for fall already. Hopefully this all comes together.
I have an exam tonight. I should probably get off my butt and go study, but I’m so lazy, and really, I think I know it all already. The hard exam is over, and the other two will be fairly easy. So, because I’m so confident I spent the early part of last night exploring up on the mountain again. Dan Bryce came along. Hadn’t seen him in a while due to school and other things… girls… sheesh. So we explored a bit…

Found some old metal storm drain covers…

Found a fire hydrant in the middle of the bush on the top of the mountain…

Was a pretty interesting early evening, punctuated by conversations of city planning and urban development, as well as one particular view of the summit of Sumas Mountain and the encroaching development. We came to the conclusion that Sumas Mountain would never again look like it does today, and that that sucks!!! But that’s life, chai-mai?
The second part of the evening was spent watching the Bjork live DVD. Uhm, that was pretty incredible. Like, seriously, that girl has so many brilliant ideas. Pretty inspiring for two amateur musicians such as ourselves. However it ended and I decided to get some sleep, cause I have to study today. Hard. Then write an exam. LAME!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

J to the Intz...

Got a job interview...
In half an hour. Pretty sketchy right now, cause I don't really know if I want the job. It better be a good one. I suppose I'll find that all out when I get there, and then it will be clear to me whether I want it or not.
Hope its a good one.
Hope I want it.
Hope then that they want me too.
Need money for school and travelling. Also need a better car. This job is all the way across town so it better be good for me to take it cause it means I'll have to insure Manny over summer which I did not want to do, and that I'll have to drive the poor little guy, which he does not want me to do. But if I drove Manny to get money, then I could spend some of that money getting Manny fixed, which he WOULD like... so maybe I'll do that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

best study methodology ever

So, I went to the school library and took out every video I could find that had anything to do with the subject of the course I am being examinated on. (I could have said tested, but examinated is kinda like terminated, or desecrated, or like,... frustrated).
I just watched a few of them, and I already feel quite prepared for the exam.
Bring it on!!!

My left arm for a calendar...

15 minutes to go. I log off the computer in the lab at the university, go downstairs for a pre-exam... sit, walk to the assigned class, burst through the door with only 2 minutes to spare, and find myself in front of a group of people I've never met.
Now seriously, this has happened to you too, right?
I guess they just switched the rooms, I should have checked the exam schedule more recently, cause I haven't looked at it since it first came out. So, I'll quickly run to the B building where the exam schedule is posted and take a look at where I'm supposed to be.
"A252"... the room is right...
"9:00am-12:00pm"... the time is right...
"Apr. 13th"... the date is right...
Is it though?
"Excuse me, what's today's date?"
The girl beside me says it's the 12th...
"Are you sure?" I ask while getting out my phone to test her hypothesis...
Yes, she says she's sure.
"Uhm, how can that be? I checked... my exam is on Tuesday, April 13th, 2005."
It's unfortunate for me that that date doesn't exist.
"I guess my exam is tomorrow."
She replies by telling me that it's better than being a day late.
I guess.
Now it means I should feel obligated to spend another day trying to learn this stuff before writing my exam. I was all rushed and defeated, and now I have 23 hours still until it even starts.
So I guess on that note, I'll be off to read stuff that I was hoping I would never have to read again after an hour ago... sheesh.

Monday, April 11, 2005

the end

tomorrow I have my first exam of the semester
it will be the beginning of the end
i'm scared i'll fail
i don't know anything about this class
this is the end
truly, truly

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Xerarch Begins

Well, it began quite a while ago. Before my first ever blog I guess... before my trip to Asia.
My friend Rochelle has a blog, and she is in Thailand right now, making me jealous.
But I will join her and Christen and others in "blog land" to feel validated.
I will write about Xerarch. My music. My travels. My life. Xerarch.
It's who I am.
Who are you?