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Friday, May 19, 2006

A new post-neo post.

Wow. Uhm, I worked 10 hours today.
Waking up at 4:45am is not always as splendid as it might seem. Then having to work through lunch to get the truck done on time, and not being able to eat until 1:30pm after working 7.5 hours straight is kinda lame. But, - overtime. So I'll be paid hansomely for my pain. I think I spelled "Hansomely" wrong. Oh well.
Uhm, I guess I have nothing important to say. No anecdotal adventures to share with you. I only hope to get some sleep this long weekend. This long rainy weekend.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Little Mosquito that Could

ยุง is full of surprises.
I got off work the other day and was driving through the parking lot on my way to the exit. As I drove by the main door, a bunch of the guys started laughing and pointing at me on my moped. I smiled and waved, and they started yelling "Hey, do a catwalk!!!"
I laughed and was like, "I can't!!! I only have 2 horsepower!!"
"Try anyways!" came the return with a hint of mockery.
"Ok, check out what happens when I floor it," I said, and I floored it giving it a slight tug upwards on the handlebars.
Then, the most amazing thing happened. My front end softly lifted off the ground as I accelerated and I pulled a 12-15 foot long catwalk. I couldn't believe it. Apparently I own the raddest moped in town.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The good news is...

Well, let me just say, it's generally never good to hear a doctor start his schpiel with "Well, the good news is..." cause we all know what comes after the good news.
I went to the optometrist today. I have been having these wierd pains in my eye, like an intermittent sharp pain in my left eye, kinda like how it feels to get a flash bulb right in the face, or like, if you're my former foreman, to test out the new halogen lamp by holding it in your hand and staring at it, and then plugging it in. Anyways, I wondered what might be wrong with my eye. This part of the story goes way back to when I was at work last summer. I smacked myself good and hard in the eye with a stainless steel pressure washer wand. (The wand's part number was 85.205.063S, incase you were wondering). It was a good solid smack, leaving me blind for about half an hour and unable to see more than light and then maybe shapes for a good hour after that. So anyways, knowing that this happened to me last summer made me more than a little nervous about what was wrong with my eye. I decided to get it checked out quick-snap. The doctor wrote me a referral to a specialist and I went for that appointment today. He did a variety of tests, and then said he was going to take a look around inside my eye. To do this, they have these wonderful drops that dilate your pupils to monstrous proportions, leaving you looking like you've done a little too much speed or something. He then proceeded to look around and see what the insides were up to.
Then came his schpiel.
"The good news is that you're retina is not detached," blah blah blah... He went on for quite a while about what likely happened when I got hit, and mentioned that the problem with my eye had nothing to do with that. On an on he talked, and I began to wonder if maybe he was stalling or something. Maybe he was trying to brighten the day (also literally brighten, since that's kinda what dilated pupils do) before
dropping the bomb. Perhaps I am going blind. Perhaps I need laser eye surgery or robotic camera-eyes implanted or something. That would rule, and all'y'all would have to start calling me Robo-Cop, just because... but anyways, yeah, he took a long time getting to the bad point.
Here's the bad news that he eventually gave me. The mild form of nueralgia that I have is currently subsiding, so I won't be able to miss any work over the thing. Yeah.
I have Nueralgia, and since I can't spell it, that means it's important. I guess because of allergies or the cold or something, certain nerves in my eye are randomly firing pain signals to my brain without asking my permission first. This makes for the sharp needley feelings I get in my eye for a split second before Captain Brain notices and says "Shut Up!!!" to the nervous malefactor. I read a story once called "The Boy who Cried Wolf", and the moral of this story tells me that after a few years of this Captain Brain will get really good at telling nerves in my eyes to pipe down, and one day I'll actually get a rare and deadly painful disease in the eye and I won't notice cause my brain will have blocked the signal entirely. Anyways, for the time being, I'm ok, and he says I'll hardly notice it soon, and maybe it'll come back in a few years, but it will leave again then, so no worries.
So yeah, that was my day... oh wait!!! The greatest part.
Since my pupils were gigantic a lot of light was streaming in. The office was a dank dark place, and after getting the drops it felt like a normal well-lit room. However, I forgot about that, and so I felt normal. He told me that I would have to wear sunglasses outside, even though it was a cloudy day, cause everything would be brighter, but I, being in a normally well-lit room didn't take this to heart. I didn't have any sunglasses I told him, so he wipped out a cheap plastic flim style shade with two cardboard ear hooks. It was straight out of my Expo86 memories, and totaly hilarious. I decided I wouldn't wear them. However, as soon a I walked out the door I was blinded by the light, and pretty much had to wear them. They didn't fit really well under my other goggles, but i had no choice, and so I rode back to work on a moped wearing Expo 3D goggles and driving slow cause everything was blurry. HECTIC!!!! but I made it.
And now, I'm gonna go eat.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Welcome to the Underground World of Scooters!

Seriously, it's like I joined a club or something. Now, it's no secret that there's loads of scooters and mopeds on the roads of Abbotsford these days. Rising gas prices and... well, rising gas prices alone is enough to mean that people are buying them in droves. I'm one of those, no denying that. However upon purchasing Yoong and moping around town, I found myself part of an underground scene of some sorts... a league of little motors, a secret society of scooters, the fraternity of the forty-nine CC's. Every time I pass someone on a scooter or moped, I get some sort of wierd hand-signal slash wave thing. I'm a little bit nervous about waving back the same way, so I usually just wave really big and childish or nod my head subtly, depending on my mood.
Still, I wonder what would happen if I gave the "symbollic wave" back to the other rider? Perhaps legions of little scooter-people would jump out of the bushes and whisk me away to the sanctuary of the sacred scooter and I would have to go through some sort of bizzare rites of passage ceremony involving baskets full of mandarin oranges and a pair of safety goggles. I don't know man... it sounds kind sketchy to me. I mean, have you ever seen the little scooter-people? Them's a freaky little bunch of creatures, to be sure.
So anyways, I guess I'll just stick to a big ole little-kid wave or a friendly but concise nod of the head and continue on my way; alone yes, but mandarin orange free.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sick days...

So I went home sick yesterday at lunch. I was feeling blah. Blah-sick. I think it was probably a mixture of lowered amounts of sleep and travel sickness. Not the kind of travel sickness you get when you travel, but the kind you get when you don't travel. I guess only travellers know about this kind of travel sickness... or the other kind too I guess... I guess. Anyways, it was a splendid afternoon off, and I felt like bunk all day, and then again all day today at work (although I managed to make it through the entire endless day, and now here I am. Feeling not much better, and wanting to go to bed, but I have to go BBQ for my sister's B-day... 25 today. Happily Birthdayed, Christa.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

What happens to me?

It's like I dissappear when summer starts. Actually, it's probably true. I stop updating my blog for some random reason. I can't say it's cause I have been out enjoying the sun, cause although it's been nice almost every week since I got home, three of the last 4 weekends have been cold and rainy, and so I spend my weekends indoors. This week for example: It was nice every single day, like maybe up to 25, I don't know. And I don't know, cause I work indoors all week. Then what does it do saturday morning? Windy coldy rainy. Same on Sunday morning. Well, I brave the cold on Yoong, my moped, and I accomplish all the accomplishments that need accomplishing on the weekends which are my only windows to accomplish these things, and then I spend the rest of the days inside. Oh but now that it's Sunday night and I have been inside all weekend hiding from the frigid rainy coldy windiness, guess what it's supposed to be like tomorrow again?... ok, chance of showers, but tuesday and wednesday are supposed to be nice. And chances are good that it will turn rainy again for next weekend. I have bad luck.
So it would then seem that perhaps I have been hiding somewhere else...
My only assumption can be that I have been hiding in the land of complacent daily routine with niether cares nor ambitions, just a placated, automaton-like proceedure. Wake up, go to work, get home, make lunch for next day, sleep, repeat.
The second part of my figuring is that I have been void of emotion. Wait, does that make sense? I typed it and now I am second guessing myself.... oh well. You all get it. I have no feelings. I suppose this has already been expressed by the term automaton used above, but I will go in depth here... but only by one or two sentences. I have neither worries nor ambitions; niether sadness nor happiness; niether longing nor contentment. I am blank. I wonder when this will end...
As for now, I have just finished making a splendid lunch of roast beef on plain bagel; a bit of mayo, some sriracha sauce, and cheddar cheese. I will eat it tomorrow at lunch break, before proceeding back to the monotony of picking orders for the warehouse shipments at my job. So, I will now probably try to get some sleep.
I had understood it that my friend would be sleeping at my house tonight, but as of yet I have not heard from her, and I am guessing that her phone has died and she is lost in the great metropolis of Abbotsford. Or perhaps since Abbotsford is not a great metropolis she has just found another place to stay. I do wish she was able to call me and let me know so I could stop worrying, but I'll probably just leave the door unlocked and go to bed. Whatever.
Perhaps I'll go do something other than typing now. Maybe read. Maybe not. I don't care. It doesn't make a difference, cause I still need to go to work tomorrow.